Over coffee maybe we will (not) save the world , but we want to make time spent with someone that normally you do not meet on daily basis and create value for anybody engaged. It is to be a great experience….

Think how to make connections of business, culture, sport, education and merge the ideas over coffee. Thanks to this combination and amazing drink, it is easily possible to transfer knowledge and skills between various aspects of our life, which inspires each involved side, and … to act. Regardless of the nature of the business you are in, majority of business establishments has a coffee machine or a simple coffee corner within.

Over coffideas we want these values to be present:

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By the way … check the concept that was identified some time ago in London. It is called “flat white economy” – named after the coffee popular with young workers – of media, internet and creative businesses, will push London’s cumulative growth rate over the next five years to 15.4pc, more than any other UK region, according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).

for more details check Flat White Economy idea here.