Why this page?

I decided to launch this page after observations made during my course of work for international companies operating in Poland. Irrespective of the roots of the company (English, French, Swedish or Dutch), I strengthened my belief in the concept that it is all about people. For all my working life, I have been involved in the Business to Business environment. My main reflection is that, business relations management is evolving (or has it always been such…?)

B2B (Business-to-Business)


P2P (People-to-People)

Even though we observe the disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT among others, hopefully the “people2people” concept will remain as a fundamental idea while making the business based on relations and focus on user’s needs. Same applies to digital transformation which at the end of the day needs to address the behavioural change both inside the companies as well as where we interact with clients and users. To support my assertion, I decided to present some basic thoughts that came from different sources – from my work and experiences meeting with people, as well as from some trainings or studies. To facilitate the P2P presentation, I would like to share some concepts and inspirations. These are: preparation, simplicity, listening, communication as such, teamwork, creativity and managerial courage. Here I would also like to pay my respects to the wonderful collection of concept for best practice which is the Project Management Body of Knowledge (by the Project Management Institute ®). My special thanks goes to all the teams and bosses who shaped me as I am today. So much resulted from people I interacted with. I’m so grateful for the luck that I had to be able to work with so many great teammates and bosses. I believe in the way in which you can develop yourself, presented below.

diagram kolowy

To facilitate the reading, I also used cartoons made by Roger Blachon. Being a fan of simplicity and pictures, I decided to present my reflections as briefly as possible. Here, I would like to address my highest respect to Mireille Blachon – his wife who agreed to illustrate my story. For example a metaphor of a helicopter is often used for a Top Management view, which at certain moments, indeed, gives a wider perspective. The hint is: every metaphor has its limitations!
I hope you will find the story inspiring and interesting.


copyright M. Blachon

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