Communication is an art – how to spread the message from top to bottom, from company to customer and vice versa, from people to people.


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Give me my point of view and I will give you your point of view.

Edward de Bono

Demand management and communication as such – you need to know how to support others and what your demand is. Speak up, listen and go for co-creation, otherwise cooperation will never work. Disappointment will come faster than you can imagine.

Always reflect on a different level of knowledge – ask questions, be brave enough to admit that you may not know something. I treat this courage as a part of professional ethics.


Communication: horizontal vs vertical

It is important even on a lower level at which we are aiming at influencing people’s behavior: employees are more engaged if they see that they are contributing with simple work to the bigger picture.”

Edmund Lewinski – President of Philips Lighting, Poland