The future is approaching much faster than we could imagine.

Many technologies which, today, appear to be science fiction will soon be upon us and become standard in our environment. Think of Space Odyssey or Star Wars. Many of my childhood fantasies have become part of today’s reality… As a fan of stories, cartoons and music, here, I’d like to share with you an idea that came up with friends from the Art School, supported by a great piece of music composed and performed by Marek Bilinski ( On the Other Side of the World ). We decided to put forward a feature on… 2035 or earlier.

We asked ourselves whether some of these ideas from the movies will yet again be a part of our lives sooner than expected… (?)

By then, we assume that the Internet will be a fundamental human right and that the human population will be allowed unlimited access to store and download data. Everyone will therefore have a digital presence as well as a physical one… (?)

What about interconnecting devices through the web… will they help to make our lives easier…, will they put us at risk of losing the privacy…(?)

Will we all wear 3D printed clothing connected to WiFi to aid us, with changeable colors according to our mood and with the ability to monitor our state of health (?)

How many glasses or lenses will be connected to the Internet, enabling us to see the world through applications and be steered by eyes instead of hands… , What will win the race Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality or both together…(?)

Will we really need cars or simply use 3D printed autonomous machines for both work and entertainment and free time with holiday travel included…, how those will influence the way we plan and manage the cities, communication or deliveries….(?)

Will the mobile phone still be a part of our lives or it will be incorporated into our bodies…(?)

Will our health be perpetually online and in case of need, would human organs be created by 3D printers and hopefully integrated into our bodies (?)

Many military innovative solutions will automate humans jobs…and not only those which seem easy to replace such as robots, programs… (?)

Will AI be able to take on a major role in corporate work and not just a repetitive one.. (?) What about AI joining Management Boards to support the decision making process, How AI and all disruptive technologies will define the labour market and … How it should be managed if you think of education with life-learning included… (?)

We hope you enjoy this movie about the 2035 world & family …

Copyright © 2015 by Waldemar Olbryk. Music with permission: Marek Biliński from album “Best of the Best”, track “ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD”.