Dice Dilemma


Think of a dice as a symbolic model for something that needs to be worked out. Its shape represents a mathematical wholeness. It is basic, reliable, stable, solid and… simple. Each side shows a different number of dots. Each side represents a different result or, perhaps, a different perspective that could apply. However, when we roll the dice we only ever consider the side that lands face up. We forget about the other sides and the other perspectives that could be.

With this in mind, welcome to the Dice Dilemma concept. In this model, a dice represents a whole picture. Now think about teams. Each team has someone closest to the dice with the rest of its members lined up in single file behind him/her and influenced by their side.

Now let the dice roll! Let’s take the dice challenge!

Please let it inspire you to visualize any issue, change directions, distances and perspectives and find other circumstances to help you address the case. Try to adapt the model to real life. It could be both a team perspective as well as your own personal view when observing any project by yourself.

If you want to exeperience a dice dilemma go to:  blink_blink

Copyright © 2015 by Waldemar Olbryk, Michał Korol, Adam Radoń. Music with permission: Lunatic Soul from album “Impressions”, track “Impression VIII”, Kscope Music.