Human & Digit


The “Human & Digit, powered by art” project was started as an idea of ​​combining art and technology, music and movement, man and machines. We wanted to show endless possibilities of combining various areas of human activity, both classic and modern ones. The idea was to put together a dance of the students of the Private Ballet School in Łódź with YuMi robots with music. Elżbieta Wiśniewska from the Private Ballet School was responsible for the preparation of the choreography in Lodz, while robot’s software preparation was delivered by students of the Lodz University of Technology under the leadership of Przemysław Zakrzewski from ABB. The music was composed by Marek Biliński – the precursor of electronic music in Poland.

The project was initiated by Waldek Olbryk and Maciek Werk in a relationship with the tenth edition of the Soundedit International Music Producers Festival in Łódź. Thanks to the openness of the festival organizers, as well as the authorities of the Lodz University of Technology – in particular the IFE International Faculty of Engineering Studies with director Dorota Piotrowska, partner of the project, this experiment was be able to see the light of day. We wanted this unique event to demonstrate the possibilities of knowledge transfer and skills between various aspects of our lives. Our intention was to inspire to act, encourage teamwork and promote open minds. By connecting the digital solution, empathy and art we hope to show the role of passion in life, the importance of teamwork and individuality, ways to look for artistic inspiration and creativity.

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