Having worked in a specific environment, practiced or trained in any other passion-related stuff, for example, sport, music.. one can learn something as an academic discipline while using a broader knowledge and skills that have been used elsewhere. Concurrently, one can create valuable things and have fun at the same time.

One can apply these skills across a number of settings and contexts. Skills are unique to each individual and can contribute considerably to both personal career as well as creating unique products, ideas, services within company.

I strongly believe both in ‘core’ skills – those directly associated with a specific area of expertise as well as ‘soft’ ones – those learnt through activities such as cooperation, leadership, respect for others, knowing how to win and lose, decision making etc. The power of passion for something you deal with can positively impact the intellectual, social and personal development of everyone: children, teenagers and adults alike.

For sure, some skills transfer automatically and unconsciously. Others, however, require additional reflection on how they might be incorporated or even tested in a new situation or environment.

And by the way, by being good at something we make better connections in reference groups. We strengthen our network. I believe that an open network is one of the most critical elements for opportunity in our lives… especially in today’s connected world built on trust.

Everyone can look for examples of people with that passion, to inspire, to create that value in her/his own area.

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Kajetan Kajetanowicz ( three-time European Rally Champion and four-time Polish Rally Champion (2010-2013) is sharing his experience on team work, value of trust, diversity and innovation among others. Learn more

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Marek Bilinski ( talks on working with great people, continuous improvement and personal mastery, passion and courage to change among others. If you want to learn more check it here: part 1, part 2 and part 3 about success, failure and about doing everything as it would be for the first time….

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Feel invited to chat with Rafał Sonik – entrepreneur, sportsman and philanthropist ( We decided to structure our conversation in 3 parts:

If you think how to connect Polish mountains (in particular Kasprowy Wierch) with their culture, forbidden things one could face over period of Martial Law, idea that “not giving up is the only solution” with entrepreneurship and discipline, quality and team work check part 1.

In part 2 we went over mission, passion, internal drive to help the others and lessons for people management with very important element as trust.

In part 3 we touched the concept of success, lessons learned and deep dive into looking for excellence both personal and team-based, related to sport, business and social media. At the end we landed back on … passion.

If you want to go for PL version please click here.


This story was told by Maciej Łuczak (, Polish Champion,  three-time World Champion Kettlebell Marathon and personal trainer among others. Check here 4 stories: part 1 – kettlebell as power of balance, part 2 – the road to the top, part 3 – more than just sports, part 4 – from passion to inspiration. If you want to go for Polish version check here.

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Together with Festival SOUNDEDIT and University of Lodz I have a privilege to facilitate the inspirational chats between artists, business and academics. Read more here.

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Feel invited to series of chats with Team of Marcin Gortat School (Michał Feter, Szymon Nowak, Tomasz Solarek, Jakub Urbanowicz). We wanted to show the power of education by sport with those who dive into physical activity with passion and dedication. We believe that one can treat sport as an exercise that elevates your body&mind and empowers to change anybody’s  life. Once again many thanks to Mireille Blachon who agreed for awesome pictures by Roger Balchon (

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This story is about grit, perseverance, planning and… quick wins.

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This story is about sport as a way of life.

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This story is about sport as a way to learn to organize your life.

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This story is about the teamwork.

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Daniel Puchalski ( a former rugby player, for more than 20 years working in real estate business in C-level positions is sharing his observations on team, persistence and respect. Learn more