Interview with Marek Biliński (part 1)


Even though we represent diametrically different worlds, they have turned out to be very close. The result of this conversation, hopefully may inspire how the space of music is intertwined with this one of business.

WO: Are you, despite the fact that you have knowledge, skills and education, able to accept advice from experts? Is that a source of inspiration for you, or rather an obstacle? Perhaps historically, during the period of playing with Bank* it was different, it’s also different right now, during your solo career that has been going on for some decades now. You see much more that you saw before, and at the same time seeing more you naturally block yourself to new things. How are you able to tackle it all?

MB: I’m trying to work with people who are better than me, who can teach me something, from whom I can take something interesting. It’s a weakness to work with people who are worse than you. It leads nowhere. Because it’s not about confronting each other about who is better, but about exchanging views. These people don’t have to be from your field, but they have to be good at what they do. I learned from many people who were better than me, I spoke to them, I saw them in the studio, I saw them doing it…

WO: So this form of mastery is reached thanks to openness?

MB: Yes, openness, creativity are important. You cannot shut yourself out, above all you cannot consider yourself to be the best, the know-it-all. It’s a trap.

WO: We can be good, but we’re never good enough. You should be open – openness is absolutely necessary, just like humbleness, simply listening to others.

MB: Yes, humbleness is the thing. I’m still learning it… Humbleness towards yourself and towards others. Humbleness also results from failures that you’ve experienced in your life. They build it. Always, in every environment, everywhere we are, a better person can appear. Therefore, you should always have some distance to yourself, to your work. I think it’s difficult but crucial.

This text represents the long evening chat made with support of Ksawery Dzitko (

*Bank – a polish rock band from the 80s. Marek Biliński was a member of this band from 1980 to 1983 playing keyboard instruments.

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