Interview with Marek Biliński (part 2)


WO: Looking at the current changes in the world, another technology revolution, innovative working methods, we clearly see a need to create a space for exchange of knowledge, based on open network among specialists from different fields, coming from more than one sector of activity. When I listen to your music, inspired by different styles, which do not stem only from electronic music – I hear various inspirations there. How it works when you create it ?

MB: Above all, you need to have an open head. This comes first. You need to be absorptive to everything that is happening around us. I became interested in music and it became my passion. At the beginning, I was just playing because I thought that everyone plays, just like they read and write. I come from a family where there was always the instrument that my father played.

WO: So it was a natural habit for you? Playing the instrument was for you the same type of activity like washing, brushing the teeth, or shopping?

MB: Exactly. I thought that every man plays and listens to music. And then my father started to teach me how to play the piano, which also was a fully natural thing for me.

WO: You said that music is your passion. It reminds me of the words of Confucius: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. It’s very creative since you don’t focus on getting up in the morning and finding the motivation, but you simply do what you like.

MB: In my case the willingness to do what I like won over dividing my life into work and relax.  At a certain moment of my professional life I started to arrange everything so as not to make work a struggle… If something was burdensome in my profession, I was giving it up, I was quitting. For instance the band Bank. It became popular all over Poland for two, three years, we were playing several hundred concerts in a year. And then I realized I’d had enough, that I simply won’t go any further with this band. We’ll be playing concerts, making more records, but it’s not it…. and I made a conscious choice.

WO: So it’s some kind of testing – what I like and what I dislike – thanks to the fact that I’m engaged and I’m able to have my own opinion, I keep searching. Is it openness in searching and courage in changing?

MB: You need courage in order to change something. If the circumstances are fine, everyone thinks “Why change anything?” Its’ great, money’s flowing in, I have stability, but that’s not what my life is about. There are higher values. In my opinion, material values need to be subordinate to the immaterial, the spiritual ones. And then you start to be happy, start to see some sense. If we’re only chasing the matter, attaining more and more and winning more and more prizes, we’re going to reach emptiness. You need to have it in your subconsciousness…

WO: How did you come to the belief what you don’t want? You can see that everyone’s going in one direction, and you’re simply not buying it, you swim a bit against the tide. How can you believe that despite swimming against the tide, you’re still creating something interesting? What convinced you that you should for instance leave the band Bank?

MB: I think you can call it an internal voice.

WO: So some sort of intuition? Sort of listening to your inner self?

MB: I’ve always had the impression that I was a tool which is somehow guided and guided in a way that I liked. I feel it that way…

Recorded in December 2016

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