copyright: TETE (Tomasz Tomaszewski)

At the moment, we are waiting for what will happen next, the situation is very dynamic. We have no long-term plan at this stage. Despite the circumstances, we can continue working on material for our album. For us, creating music is the most important thing, and we can keep doing this because it’s relatively independent of what is going on outside.

We’ve started communicating with each other over social media. We are also considering hosting an online concert, since there are no other options at the moment. We may also start planning concerts for the fall, since the ones from March, April, and May are being cancelled.

It’s smart to be mindful, careful, observant, and not to take on tasks that are impossible to achieve under the circumstances. It seems like most traffic is moving online now, and we will try to do the same, and to grow our online presence.

Right now we think it is key to act – maybe slower, maybe in a very different way to what we are used to, but still to act. The coming days will bring more answers.

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