Maciej Łuczak

copyright: TETE (Tomasz Tomaszewski)

In these strange times we are home with our families, where even taking out the garbage has become an attraction because you can leave the house!

As to your questions – here are my answers, in no specific order.

Plan A for me was to co-organize the Polish Championships in Kettlebell Lifting on March 21, and to participate in the European Championships in Gaillard in France. The event in France has not been cancelled yet, but I am sure it will be in the coming days.

Plan B is still to be created. When I am at home now, what strikes me the most is that I don’t have to hurry – and this is strange compared to “normal” life. First of all, I can now find time to work on my thesis. I also have time for my family, which was a challenge at first, but with time has become a pleasure. I can also find time for reading – I have two boxes of books related to my sports interests that I’ve been buying over the years and that have been waiting to be read. And, of course, I’ve been practicing hand stands and balancing, stretching, and “animal movement”. I do as much as I can here, at home.

I now have time to finish listening to all those audiobooks I’d abandoned. I can now review offers of postgraduate studies – I’m the type of person who feels like they are stalling if they stop learning new things. When you are around people who know more than you, who are more experienced, have been in the business for years, you can ask them questions and draw from their experiences. This is the best way to grow. I need to do something, because I am not the type to sit still and watch TV, I feel like I am wasting time when I do that. I need to make the best use of my time, as much as possible, even if there is a lot of free time now.

My main goal is to stop myself from panicking, but also to use the time I have wisely, not to waste it. As far as sports are concerned, I have the privilege of being part of an international organization, all of us are in the same situation that we have no control over. Competitions all over the world are being cancelled. Locally, in Poland, we are trying to compete online in order to make sportspeople feel our appreciation of how they are preparing and training. We are considering introducing this on an international level as well. No one expected this to happen two months ago. For the time being, I am trying not to move my activities online, even though from time to time I am considering this.

Time like this allows us a break for reflection. In recent years, life and the world have been going by so fast, I was constantly working or training, with only a short time for my family during the day. This is a time when time seems to flow slower. For a week now we have all been at home, there is a lot to catch up on, and this is a good time to enjoy being together.

When you grow mentally, you also grow physically. Mental training is something I do every day. When I train my mind, my body also grows, and this is just as important as lifting weights or any other type of sports training.

I think all this contributes to how a single person can impact what is going on now. We need to take advantage of this time we’ve been given, use it wisely for ourselves, our growth, our families, and our future.

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