Marek Biliński

copyright: TETE (Tomasz Tomaszewski)

WO: Marek, what does a musician do at extraordinary times like these? How do you prepare (if you prepare at all), both now and for the time that will come “after”? How do you experience this sudden change, what is most important – especially for someone as active as you?

MB: I have always worked from home, so in this area little has changed. As to the restrictions on the freedom of movement, I don’t really feel them because I live in the countryside outside of Warsaw, among 100- year-old oak trees, all I have to do is go out on my terrace and I feel like I am in a park. I have a place to walk my dog 🙂

It’s important to try to understand the situation the world is dealing with, and face whatever comes our way with humility. As the human race we have no other choice. For now, I am catching up on work and running my company on a day to day basis.

As long as the internet and GPS work, we can function…

WO: What plans to you have? Any ideas?

As far as plans go, let me remind you I wrote my album ”Ogród króla świtu” during Martial Law in Poland (in the 1980s). Once I’ve managed to dig my way out from under the grayness of every day – which has been pushing me down more and more – maybe I will write or record something that I have been thinking about all the time, nonstop…

In spite of everything, I try to continue to function normally, catch up on work. In short, I am still working on plan A for this year, with small changes. Plan B is there, just in case. Plan C does not exist because no one can predict how the current situation, and its limitations, will develop.

WO: How does today’s situation influence the whole market?

MB: The situation mostly influences artists on a technical and organizational level. Our day to day work includes maintaining a close, personal contact with our fans, artists function thanks to fans. Of course we try to do this via social media – we focus on this even more than we did before – but this lack of personal contact is very difficult to deal with for many artists and fans.

For example: we recently released a new edition of an old album. As was the case with previous new editions, we had planned meetings, events, with fans in Warsaw and Kraków – of course we had to cancel them for obvious reasons. We also had to cancel concerts – in our case four events from now till June have been cancelled. Of course, this also affects our income, shrinks our budgets

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