Soundedit Festival

copyright: TETE (Tomasz Tomaszewski)

The intention of the meetings was to create the open network for the sake of creativity and transferable knowledge, just to meet, listen different perspectives. We all learned, we all wanted to share, we saw the things from various angles and this time it was all about: SUCCESS.

Please find here Tomasz Książek from Philips, Grzegorz Dobranowski from IBM Polska, Agnieszka Jackowska-Durkacz from Infosys, Brian Griffin, Marek Bilinski, Piotr Metz, prof Piotr Chomczynski, prof Violetta Krawczyk – Wasilewska, dr Aleksandra Krupa – Ławrynowicz who were trying to seek to learn and share with each other their expertise and observations. One can find the key ideas on innovation, feedback, collaboration, technology, grit, courage, e-folk, being one step ahead, good timing and fashion or trends among others…

One can watch the brief of this event here:

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